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Industry 4.0 – Pilot

Initial Situation

A globally operating company, which also plays the role of Tier 1 of an OEM, faced a fundamental problem before the upcoming SOP (Start-Of-Production) deadline.  Already in the sample and prototype phase, there were repeated delays in delivery due to the very extensive, time-consuming and manual documentation of the e-Mobility elements.
In addition, no system or software was available to ensure the complete traceability of the components.

The company’s middle management and teams were so marked by the model phase that, according to the analysis carried out by KCG, the upcoming series start-up was identified as a high-risk potential for the entire supply chain.

  • The existing and complex e-Mobility system was documented deficiently and thus endangered the On-Time Delivery already significant in the run-up to the upcoming start of series production.
  • The necessary traceability / traceability along the entire supply chain could only be guaranteed to a very limited extent for individual cases.



Weakness analysis to determine the actual situation on site

The current value stream and documentation process show the following results:

  • Fragmented and separate data sources (multiple Excel, Google sheets / manual data entry)
  • Workflow, processes are replaced by workarounds and fire fighting
  • Complex supply chain with interacting interfaces

Inefficient processes; lead to additional manpower, missing and/or mixed information and delays. This concerns the On-Time Delivery (OTD) of Serial Release Notes (SRNs) and thus directly affects the complete e-Mobility systems at the OEM.

Creation of a project plan to improve the ACTUAL situation and achieve the TARGET situation

Plan a pilot project for real-time data processing and traceability along the production line at the site with the teams to ensure timely implementation in the Group environment.

The following success factors were taken into account:

  • Mutual understanding of the objectives
    (real-time data processing to secure SRNs and traceability).
  • Definition of the main activities / project activities
    (Support IT-providers for real-time data processing of the relevant process details)
  • Understanding of the services to be provided in the teams in order to better coordinate topics and employees
    (Implement work packages)
  • Casting / implementation of the project organization
    (Matrix organization chart for pilot project)
  • Commitment to the project plan with the management and the executives
    (Communication / Steering Committee)

Efficient process; leads to real-time Serial Release Notes (system documentation), the required traceability and On Time Delivery – Key Performance Indicator (OTD-KPI)

Added Value

The team of the KORN CONSULT GROUP identified a cloud based, real-time data processing solution on short notice. A pilot project was organized within the group structures to create transparency. After successful initiation of the pilot project, potential was raised in the following areas:


In a globally operating company that functions more like a start-up company in the field of e-Mobility systems, the KORN CONSULT GROUP team was able to build a bridge between both worlds and generate added value for the entire supply chain (Supplier – Customer – OEM).

The fragile structures in a very agile environment have been stabilized and the on time delivery of the components is ensured permanently. The necessary agility of the start-up remains intact in order to continue – step by step – to get closer to the industry 4.0 standard.