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Operational Excellence

Initial Situation

After a diligent analysis of the current situation, our consultant successfully identified various problems and factors in need of optimization.

  • General deficits regarding the coordination of production networks. The company acts on a global scale and faces considerable managerial complexity.
  • An unstable work environment resulted in a tense atmosphere and increased competition among colleagues. The immediate consequence was an outflow of highly trained employees.
  • A lack of strategic vision, as well as a lack of focus in organizational and process management, had adverse effects on performance. Consequential effects were decreased motivation and customer satisfaction.


As part of a measure and result-based approach, our consultant set project goals and determined performance indicators.


Our consultant designed a range of optimization measures respecting the trilateral relationship between OEM, customer, and supplier.

The initial priority was to gain an overview of the current situation from a variety of different perspectives within the company structure. Based on further insights, we identified potential for optimization respecting the interests of both leaderships and employees.

The development, scheduling, and prioritization of corrective actions were conducted in agreement with all involved parties. Our approach consisted of the following measures:

  • Improved international communication with regular controlling of essential target performance indicators.
  • Deployment of a KORN CONSULT GROUP project team to increase overall innovation and improve the rate of satisfaction of suppliers and customers.


Through competent management and implementation of new management structures, we could successfully improve key performance indicators.

Increased rate of deficit detection

>10% to <4%

Reduction of sick leaves of personnel

Increased rate of productivity

60% to >95%

Increased delivery reliability

level 1 to level 0

De-escalation on behalf of the OEM


Increase of plant availability

>15% to <10%

Improved processes resulted in scrap reduction

Customer Feedback

KORN CONSULT GROUP received feedback from various parties involved in the project. The overall response was overwhelmingly positive. Some of the traits attributed to our managers include: High competence, Outstanding engagement, Deep technical knowledge and experience, Pragmatic management approach, Reliable and trustworthy, Focused on measurable and sustainable success

Added Value

Through competent management and implementation of new management structures we could successfully improve key performance indicators.


A global readjustment of management resulted in decreased strain on leadership. Newly introduced processes facilitated inter-department communication and made resource deployment more effective and efficient. Improvement and positive change in KPI´s were reported to the executive board as well as to the shareholders.