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Agile Project Management

Creating added value through AGILE processes 

The AGILE transformation of an organization requires to be AGILE through the entire organization. Independently of the worldwide location and cultural backgrounds. KORN CONSULT GROUP supports customers with global based AGILE Consultants in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and South America to develop with our customers an AGILE architecture tailored to their needs, making use of our local talents.

Following Peter Drucker’s statement „being AGILE is a mindset to do the right things in the right way,” KORN CONSULT GROUP offers services from the AGILE methodology training, AGILE project management over to implementing, promoting and supporting within your organization.

To bridge from classical project management to AGILE project management following the waterfall model, KORN CONSULT GROUP follows an iterative approach, where KORN CONSULT GROUP applies AGILE principles into each phase of the automotive product life cycle thus, enabling the evolution of the solution. The realization of the project phases follows in short timed iterations or sprints following the SCRUM methodology. KORN CONSULT GROUP emphasizes daily communication, prioritization of tasks, coordination of requirements, and flexible reassessment of plans strengthening teamwork and focusing on efficiency and transparency.

Scrum Theory

Scrum is a framework that has been designed to manage complex product development which allows the use of different processes and techniques, targeting effectiveness and improvement. It is founded on practical experience and experiments, rather than on theories, as a basis for knowledge and execution. Thus, it employs an iterative and empirical approach to optimize predictability and control risk based on the pillars Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation. The nature of Scrum is a highly flexible and adaptive small team of people that collaborates and interoperates within a sophisticated product development environment.

Using the AGILE approach to project management brings benefits to the organization; it adds value to the client, ensures client satisfaction, and results in better client retention. Hence, securing new business opportunities, increased profits, market share, and a good reputation.

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