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Academy – Teamwork and knowledge exchange

KORN CONSULT GROUP academy is a unique concept that ensures the exchange of expert knowledge and the building of team strategies. The yearly event is a cooperative effort between individual members of our global management team. The goal is to encourage communication between participants of all our global branches and build team skills through workshops and expert rounds.

Cooperation with industry partners

KORN CONSULT GROUP Academy provides a platform to highlight cooperative projects between KORN CONSULT GROUP and forward-thinking companies and universities. Our consultants are often confronted with unique challenges and need to find new approaches to current problems. These new approaches are then taught to the participants in the form of detailed lectures. As a result, attendees become proficient in new management methods and gain valuable industry knowledge.

Work ethics

The modern work environment is constantly changing. In order to remain competitive companies must provide a fertile ground for the development of effective problem-solving techniques and teamwork. At KORN CONSULT GROUP each employee is an integral part of a larger team of experts. During our yearly event we take the time to inform on workplace safety, responsibilities to ensure a productive and secure workplace environment.

New regulations

Many industrial sectors are strongly affected by standardization and regulation. Information on new regulatory frameworks is essential for effective management across different fields. This year’s event included a special section on new regulations to ensure all consultants are familiar with recent changes and developments. KORN CONSULT GROUP highly values professionalism and requires all employees to be equipped with detailed knowledge on current standards.

Case studies and lessons learned

To build a bridge between theoretical frameworks and industry applications, case studies serve as examples of applied knowledge. Each year various examples of successful accomplished projects are presented to the audience of KORN CONSULT GROUP academy. The selected case studies involve new insights and cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to inform about technological trends and develop effective methods for managing new challenges in different sectors.

Workshops and teambuilding

Workshops and teambuilding activities are important tools that help to transfer ideas into industry practice. The company culture of KORN CONSULT GROUP emphasizes teamwork and communication between consultants. Employees offer training to colleagues and share their knowledge. For this purpose, we have relaunched our KORN CONSULT GROUP-Toolbox as a platform to share and discuss ideas. Our Support-KIT provides our teams with valuable tools and knowledge to perform all various tasks.

A look to the future

KORN CONSULT GROUP is grateful to all participants of this year´s KCG Academy. The past year has been very successful for our company and we hope to expand on these successes in 2020.

We look forward to new challenges and interesting technological developments in the future.

The ability to find innovative solutions for difficult problems is what makes our international team special.

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