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Werner MANN

Supplier Management CN

Short Profile

Werner MANN is a skilled lathe operator and a trained mechanical engineer. During his 30 years of professional experience, he was able to demonstrate worldwide (China, India, Brazil, NAFTA) his skills as Quality and Project Manager in numerous automotive and non-automotive businesses. He accompanied the following companies among others: KWU (formerly a joint subsidiary of Siemens and AEG), DAG, PAG, BMW, VW Group, ThyssenKrupp, Continental, WABCO, BOSCH, and Vibracoustic He speaks German and English.


Werner MANN worked as a QM-Manager in a Tier1 Supplier and as an Interim Manager. He directed multiple plants around Europe and several tasks force teams and led more than 100 audits in accordance with VDA 6.3 guidelines. Global Supplier Management with potential analysis of supplier evaluation and selection, as a Project Manager, he achieved a successful compliance with the schedules planned, quality objectives, and resources management. Furthermore, in addition to the installation and verification of Q-Gates and Q-Standards (MBST, Formel QK) of German OEMs and complaints handling by using 8D methods, he also acted as a Moderator and was responsible for the application of the FMEA processes. Besides, a strong „Hands-on“ mentality which is natural for him.

Core Competencies & Project Experience

  • Introduction and training of project management systems
  • Conducting internal and external audits
  • Preparation of works and/or areas for certification audits
  • Customer service and support during customer visits and customer audits
  • Development, introduction, and application of QVP/APQP methods
  • Process capabilities (SPC) and equipment capabilities (VDA 5, MSA)
  • Establishment of quality system according to ISO /TS16949
  • Implementation of TRL, 2TP, and Run@Rate
  • Coordination of start-up management –
  • Production Readiness Installation control loops in production areas
  • Maturity levels of assurance in product development projects
  • Sampling (PPAP/PPF)
  • Implementation of processes and operation analysis with definition of improvement programs, Continuous Improvement Process – Workshops (PDCA, control loops)