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Girl’s Day 2023 at the KORN CONSULT GROUP

At the KORN CONSULT GROUP, we recognize the importance of promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to show young women the wide range of exciting career opportunities available in the field of the consulting industry.

At our headquarters in Aschaffenburg, the KORN CONSULT GROUP welcomed Amelie, who was able to gain insights into various areas of the company on this special day.

During the event, Amelie was able to participate in a variety of activities, including workshops and interactive demonstrations. They had the opportunity to work with experienced professionals and ask questions about their career paths and experiences.

We were impressed by the enthusiasm and curiosity of the young woman. It was great to see her engaging with the activities of HR and Marketing and showing a real interest in the fields of engineering and technology.

At KORN CONSULT GROUP, we believe that events like Girls Day are an important way to encourage and inspire young women to pursue their passions and explore new career paths. We are committed to promoting gender equality and diversity in our workplace and in the wider community.

And what does Amelie say about her time at the KORN CONSULT GROUP at the end of Girls Day? “It was great not having to go to school for a day and going to work instead. I find the KORN CONSULT GROUP a very exciting company and I would be happy to get an insight into other areas next year – I already have my first experiences!”

In 2024 the KORN CONSULT GROUP will again take part in Girls Day and is already looking forward to an exciting day with the young women