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Global Expansion KORN CONSULT GROUP: Legal Entity INDIA

With the new year 2023, the KORN CONSULT GROUP continues to focus on steady global growth. In this sense, we introduce our newly reactivated legal entity in India. With these cross-continental expansions, KORN CONSULT GROUP ensures that the global team capabilities are intensively strengthened. Our Indian legal entity also serves all our existing Competence Centers in this regard.

In order to fill this with full competence, we are pleased to introduce our man on the spot,


Rajesh KUMAR as the newest team member of the company.


Mr. KUMAR started on 01st January 2023 for the KORN CONSULT GROUP.

He is taking the role as Managing Director and CEO of the KORN CONSULT GROUP INDIA.

As a Senior Consultant he will be leading all our Competence Centers in India.


Mr. KUMAR will bring a wide range of experience from different companies. He is currently coming from his former role as Head of Purchasing, Supplier Quality Management and Supply Chain of a large premium automobile manufacturer.


We are very happy to always welcome Mr. KUMAR in our KORN CONSULT GROUP family for a successful cooperation in our legal entity KORN CONSULT GROUP INDIA.