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Korn Consult Group Academy 2023

Here are some impressions of our successful and productive Yearly Team Building at the KORN CONSULT GROUP which took place in Darmstadt between the 22nd-24th of September 2023.

Members of our worldwide management team participate in the KCG Academy, which is a multicultural cooperation event. Through conversations and specialized competency rounds, the goal is to create the finest work management methods and to enhance team abilities.

What a fun and engaging method to physically meet KCG members from around the globe!

The academy this year featured several performances by our organization, debuts of new hires, competence center initiatives, as well as presentations by external referents on internal system applications. Additionally, this academy placed a strong emphasis on networking among all the participants, team-building exercises, and visits to Darmstadt’s most iconic locations while also allowing for attendance at a highly competitive hockey game between Frankfurter Löwen and Pinguins Bremerhaven in Frankfurt.

Three days in which we enhanced our company’s culture and helped us plan and set objectives for the ensuing or current year.

Legal entities in China, the United States and Mexico were connected through MS- Teams and were therefore able to observe the event from abroad.

A very intellectually and emotionally stimulating event that provided many practical strategies and methods to successfully meet the demands of our current and potential clients!

The KORN CONSULT GROUP is very thankful to all the participants, and we are all looking forward to new successes and developments in the future.

Future challenges and intriguing technical advancements are things we’re eager to see. Our worldwide members excel at coming up with creative answers to challenging issues.