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KORN CONSULT GROUP attended BMW US Diversity Supplier Day 2021

BMW Manufacturing held their “BMW US Diversity Supplier Day, Thursday Sept. 2nd, 2021” event at the Convention Center in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.  
The car manufacturer mentioned: “Supply chain is the key driver to BMW’s global success as a leading premium automotive manufacturer.  We are grateful for our highly-skilled supply base that shares our commitment to quality, innovation and efficiency.”
Over the past eight years BMW Manufacturing has increased its number of minority suppliers by 379%.
BMW US Diversity Supplier Day was organized to give suppliers the opportunity to be informed over the next steps of the BMW strategy.

The KORN CONSULT GROUP was represented by Holger KORN (Managing Director) and Bernd LEHMANN (Principal) at the meeting in Greenville.

The KORN CONSULT GROUP (also located in US) is very proud to have been an exhibitor at this great event and we are very thankful for the pleasant contacts and discussions in which we were able to explain our core competencies (with branches and KCG employees in the whole world) in detail.