Quality is not accidental, it is the result of effective business processes by KORN CONSULT GROUP®

Awarded as Top Consultant of the Year 2013/2014

“Quality of Performance is not a Coincidence”

“We are the fire brigade, when everything else fails”, promises manager Holger Korn to his corporate clients. We are often called the Taskforce Team. “If Friday afternoon the client needs an experienced consultant, he will be sitting on a plane first thing on Monday morning.” However, the management consulting company Korn Consult GmbH, situated in Jossgrund near Frankfurt, relies not only on speed. It also relies exclusively on experienced senior executive consultants dedicated to clients mainly active in the manufacturing industry, and purposely avoids working with junior consultants.

Too much paper and PowerPoint, too much theory and too little practical operational experience – at least this is what company founder Holger Korn has experienced while being involved in employment activities at large companies. Therefore, when he founded his own consultancy firm in 2006, Holger Korn dedicated himself to giving real support to customers on the way to sustainable improvement. The Korn Consult Group only hires like-minded experts to be part of their consulting team.

International Growth

The statement “Quality is not accidental, it is the result of an effective business process” is a protected Korn Consult trademark. This is where the concept of analyzing the process in detail and of building robust customer processes is born. Since 2006, Korn Consult has grown –mainly through personal recommendation- by about 70% every year and is now a team of more than 20 permanent employees and freelancers. Moreover, the company has its own offices in Germany, Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, USA, Brazil, Mexico and will open a new one in China in the near future.

The Way up to the First League

The most important business areas that ensure the success of Korn Consult are Business Consultancy, Interim Management and Engineering Services. With core competencies such as Technology Excellence, Supply Chain Management, Business Process Optimization, Project Management, Readiness and Start-Up Support, Problem Solving Expertise, Maturity Level Assurance and Supplier Selection and Development, Korn Consult GmbH manages to unite process, project, method and management competencies into a unique consulting symbiosis.

The vast experience of our consultants obtained in more than 1500 projects gives Korn Consult a vast and diversified repertoire of methods.

For example, Korn Consult has offered support to suppliers in the automotive area willing to play in the First League, when their organizational structure and their operational processes were put to stand the quality test. Through the integration of operational consultants within the organizational processes, the company has managed to offer intensive and efficient support to their clients on projects that have lasted for months. This way, the high demands of the OEM have been met, integrated in the operational processes and applied efficiently. By perfectly combining consulting and coaching, the organizational structures and the business processes of Korn Consult’s customers are thoroughly analyzed, developed in a sustainable way, improved and implemented into the day-to-day activities. The important know-how transfer from expert to operator is done automatically and measurably. The final result: the suppliers become Tier 1, as first choice for the OEMs. The Korn Consult team works for big names, such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, in general for OEMs who only collaborate with high-end consultants. Whether we talk about the service industry, IT, Logistics, Machinery and Equipment Industry, the Korn Consult Group commits itself to carrying through the projects they are involved in, because

“Quality is not accidental, it is the result of an effective business process™”