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Mergers & Acquisitions

KORN CONSULT GROUP starts support for M&A projects

Christian Gerber, expert in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and part of the independent audit and advisory firm I-ADVISE AG in Düsseldorf, was invited to the KORN CONSULT GROUP headquarter to provide advanced training and facilitate an interchange of ideas concerning the sector.

Mr. Gerber is a chartered accountant and certified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). His current focus is consultancy for mid-sized businesses regarding M&A and related company evaluations. Additionally, he is teaching at the University of Augsburg and JurGrad at the University of Münster.

Workshop participants gained insights into processes, dependencies, technical vocabulary, and therefore, basic knowledge of the field of M&A. A subsequent discussion of case studies and the exchange of ideas served to illustrate key concepts.

The importance of cooperation and support of legal and financial experts during the “Due Diligence Phase” was emphasized. This process involves risk assessment of transactions in relation to markets, strategy, human resources, organizational management, production, as well as environmental regulation and sustainability. KORN CONSULT GROUP has the necessary skills to access and manage these risks by utilizing a global network of consulting experts.

If your company needs support for the planning and execution of projects in the M&A sector, KORN CONSULT GROUP is the right choice. Feel free to contact our consulting team and M&A partners directly to discuss further details.