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Multi-faced Supplier Turnaround Project at a Leading German Defense Equipment Provider

A new program from a German customer in the defense sector required an increase in quantities without jeopardizing the smooth rollout or interrupting the supply chain.

The KORN CONSULT GROUP was contracted to provide a sustainable and optimal solution for this global project with a multi-faceted consultancy service. The focus was on smooth coordination between raw material suppliers, semi-finished product suppliers and final assembly in order to meet the increased production requirements.


KORN CONSULT GROUP conducted an ABC process analysis across 20 suppliers in Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia within a stringent 60-day audit period, identifying 10 critical suppliers.

An experienced group of KORN CONSULT GROUPs’ consultants, as well as their cooperation partners collaborated closely with suppliers and dedicated customer departments to devise tailored improvement measures. This process was organized in order to vigilantly monitored and ensured the execution of defined measures, confirming successful supplier ramp-up.


✅The professional consultant team of the KORN CONSULT GROUP provided on-site evaluations of technical processes, identifying risks and opportunities while coaching supplier operations and supply chain management teams.

✅This focus significantly enhanced customer-supplier communication, especially in order management, capacity confirmation, and product validation. Proactively stabilized processes and improved delivery situations early on within the supply chain.


The overall approach of the KORN CONSULT GROUP project resulted in a sustainable, fast and targeted response to critical situations in the supply chain using the acquired process and product knowledge. Our team also helped to establish a long-term efficient process for the qualification of new potential suppliers.

KORN CONSULT GROUP’s expertise ensures efficient project execution, proactive problem solving and seamless supply chain management, providing an invaluable advantage for future project initiatives on a global basis.