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Operational restructuring and realignment for a KCG customer

We are proud to announce that KORN CONSULT GROUP has once again successfully completed an operational restructuring and realignment for a Tier 1 supplier in the automotive industry that was experiencing massive problems in the areas of product quality, inefficient manufacturing processes, unapplied sampling processes and supply.

All in all, these problems led to financial difficulties and ultimately to insolvency.

The KORN CONSULT GROUP filled several positions in the areas of production, quality and production control.

GOALS and CHALLENGES in the project:

  • Complete de-escalation of customers
  • Introduction and implementation of daily store floor management
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction of open samples
  • Ensuring quality and delivery capability without line stoppages
  • Improving management effectiveness (leadership)
  • Restructuring of production control and planning
  • Restructuring and streamlining of warehouses
  • Restructuring of the organizational structure


  1. Complete de-escalation from customer level 2 à Level 0
  2. Stabilization of product quality and reduction of the error rate by 35 %
  3. Increase in production capacity by approx. 50%
  4. Reduction in complaints by 65%
  5. Reduction of special trips by over 85% achieved
  6. Reduction of average open samples per month by approx. 50%
  7. Packing output per employee per day increased by 112.5%
  8. Securing financial stability.

These successful projects demonstrate that our experienced team offers tailored support for operational efficiency, restructuring, or realignment challenges, ensuring sustainable success.