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Our Service HR-Cooperation – Team of the KORN CONSULT GROUP

At the KORN CONSULT GROUP, the human being is in the absolute focus.

In order to get to know our individual teams behind the KORN CONSULT GROUP better, we would like to give you a small insight today into our HR-Cooperation -Team, who maintain and establish cooperation partnerships on a daily basis, as well as provide significant support in project staffing.

Voices from our team:

“The human is of irreplaceable value to companies at all times. Specialists are sought after, and the selection of the right cooperation partnerships by the HR department is also a decisive factor for the success value of the KORN CONSULT GROUP.                                                                                                                                   In our daily work we regularly apply a wide network of different skill sets. Above all, a special sensitivity for the concerns we face in our daily work, full-service orientation, a general empathic understanding, common sense, as well as a high degree of result orientation. All this makes our work a new exciting area every day.” – HR COOPERATION TEAM