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Reengineering of production processes in North Africa

“Production Expert from the KORN CONSULT GROUP carried out successful pilot projects to convert the production process, so that the concept is now being adapted at all other locations worldwide.”

Our KCG consultant was commissioned to advise an automotive supplier from North Africa in the production process and to take it to a new level with his many years of expertise. The initial focus was on implementing production planning, optimizing production, improving the quality mentality in the short and long-term approach, and increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

After a detailed analysis of the production processes by our consultant, the topic of developing a new production concept was identified as the greatest potential for improvement (including layout and production processes) Corresponding pilot projects were then started.

Challenges and solutions:

Overcoming resistance: In an environment where there is a certain reluctance to change, particularly because agile ways of working are not commonplace, our consultant deployed a communication strategy at eye level. In view of the initial skepticism, it was crucial to convince not only the employees but especially the managers of the project’s usefulness. Through convincing arguments and transparent communication, he succeeded in gaining the trust of these key people, which made a significant contribution to the success of the project.

Employee motivation: To increase motivation, two pilot projects were started at the same time to create so-called competition. Daily tracking of results created a dynamic incentive and encouraged engaged participation.”

Main tasks successes:

The new production concept has the following improvement compared to the current state.

  • Reduction in scrap rate by 5%
  • Rejection rate is better than standard line
  • Output increase by 20%
  • Realization of a reduction by 3 FTE / Production line

This success story shows that the KORN CONSULT GROUP has developed expertise in production management in the automotive sector over 17 years across all product ranges. Our consultants have extensive experience in advising various customers and are therefore able to successfully apply best practices and take our customers to a new level. We are proud that the newly developed production concept in North Africa is now being implemented at all plants worldwide.