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Social Distancing – Production Facilities

Slowly we are seeing the first starts of production at OEM´s in Europe and Asia, after the global production was shutted down due to COVID-19 pandemic and a new reality.

Back to the “New Normality” we need to adapt our processes and factory layouts to an ultimate target:

Keep safe the most valuable asset – THE EMPLOYEES.

KORN CONSULT GROUP with its international consulting network and experienced personnel is ready to support you during the Re-Start activities with implementation of customized SOCIAL DISTANCING measures applicable for all production facilities.

Contact us for potential implementation support and projects.

How we help:

  • Customized and dedicated SOCIAL DISTANCING measures to maintain local governmental rules for safety of the employees and to ensure production capability.
  • Concept development for defined areas like:
    1. Offices
    2. Production/Shop Floor
    3. Logistics/Warehouses
    4. Social areas
    5. Meeting areas
  • Solutions for personnel transportation and secured personnel flows.
  • External independent verification for distancing measures as a cross check againts rules and laws.