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Successful HR transformation: Interim HR expert from KORN CONSULT GROUP takes the lead at a major European automotive Tier 1 supplier in North Africa!

Amidst the challenging backdrop of the automotive industry in North Africa, a Consultant of the KORN CONSULT GROUP took on overall responsibility as interim HR manager of a Tier 1 supplier for one year. He took over the operational HR responsibility as well as the strategic part in order to create sustainable change in the company.


Challenges and solutions:


Overcoming resistance: In an environment in which temporary managers are often confronted with scepticism, our consultant focused on communication at an eye-to-eye level. Through convincing arguments and transparency, he overcame potential resistance within the company and won the trust of employees and managers.


Quick decisions and actions: The dynamic nature of the automotive industry required lightning-fast decision-making. Our consultant not only made quick decisions, but also implemented them effectively to bring about positive change.


Main tasks and successes:


Operative (Daily Business):

  • Assumption of responsibility for all operational HR topics of the manufacturing Tier 1 supplier at two different locations in one country. This included, for example, filling key positions and negotiating with trade unions.


Strategic (Change-Management):

  • The development and implementation of a talent review process launch as well as the process of a forward-looking HR strategy for the North African location as a key point of the whole project were successfully implemented.


This success story is proof that the KORN CONSULT GROUP, in addition to its 17 years of proven expertise in areas such as Supplier Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations and Quality Management, is able to provide clients the best team and the necessary expertise in the area of HR transformation and management of operational HR organizations to meet and exceed expectations to the maximum extent possible. This is our claim.