Quality is not accidental, it is the result of effective business processes by KORN CONSULT GROUP®

Successful Ramp-Up Excellence! KORN CONSULT GROUP consultants helped a Tier 1 supplier in the USA to successfully launch series production for 3 different OEMs.

To ensure the maximum success of the 3 series launches, an Industrialization manager, a Project Manager and a Quality Engineer from the KORN CONSUT GROUP took over the management of the organization and brought the project to a successful conclusion.

Challenges and Solutions:

A major challenge was the high time pressure. Effective project management and realistic scheduling made it possible to meet the tight deadlines (set by the OEMs) for the product launches.

The issue of quality is also important to mention. Maintaining high product quality during the start-up phase is crucial. Implementing robust quality assurance processes ensures that the highest possible standards are met.

Another important challenge was the coordination of different teams and departments within a large organization. This was solved by establishing clear communication channels that greatly improved collaboration between all those involved.

Main tasks and successes:

The Ramp-Up project coordinator’s job was to ensure that all aspects of the ramp-up process were coordinated and carried out efficiently. As a link between different teams and global departments, he ensures that the overall project goal is achieved. He was also responsible for implementing and maintaining quality standards throughout the entire ramp-up process. There was very close cooperation with the quality engineer employed by KCG in APQP implementation, development of work instructions and training of machine operators.

The industrialization manager appointed was responsible for the implementation and optimization of production processes during the period and the ramp-up for a series start. These included, among other things, process optimization, technological integration, layout planning, risk management and continuous improvement.

Overall, this success story underlines once again that ramp-up management and series launch activity is not only a proven core competency of our company, the KORN CONSULT GROUP, but also highlights our operational excellence and expertise. The successful collaboration of several KCG consultants on this project has shown that our collective working mentality is a powerful multiplier effect for our clients’ success.”

  • Quality is not accidental, it is the result of effective business processes.