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Supplier Development in China by KORN CONSULT GROUP

After a few intensive months of accompanying and qualifying a strategic supplier in the field of electromobility in China, the project was completed in a target-oriented and successful manner.
The client’s management confirms an outstanding achievement in qualifying a supplier who has just entered the automotive supply industry.

As part of the project with international and local Senior Consultants with appropriate expertise, the content subjects business strategy, vision&mission, organization, shopfloor management, capacity planning, supply chain, project management and quality were particularly focused and developed.

To this end, sustainable processes have been established. These already were further developed succesfully and efficiently in an agile manner, with involvement of the employee team and within the framework of the project.
The company’s managers were also accompanied and empowered by a coach. The customer confirms the performance and results of our team and is available as a reference customer.

Image Source: © Aliaksandr Marko – stock.adobe.com