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TaskForce – Implementation of SAP

Supplier had significant backlogs with the OEMs. These residues continued to build up. The main reasons for this were found in the internal organization and in the intercompany business. The most important factors mentioned at the beginning were a new ERP introduction (proAlpha) as well as long-term absences from relevant management and coordination functions such as logistics managers, shipping managers as well as insufficient knowledge and training of specialist staff.

Our main activities have been defined as follows:

  • ERP/EDI data checked for errors and completeness. A clear presentation is then created
  • Consideration of existing KPIs, the organizational chart as well as the communication tools and processes used.
  • Start of task force management in order to achieve success with “low-hanging fruit” as quickly as possible


  1. Establishment of central reporting for the rule meetings with the OEMs
  2. Train employees from reactive to proactive information flow
  3. Organization and coordination to develop preventative measures to reduce and avoid further escalations


Customer Service/Order Management:

– Proactively transmit information such as data on special transports or presentations before the start of the meeting

– Placement of interim managers

– Development of a backlog reduction plan as well as a delivery plan with special freight

– Developing a training plan for the ERP system for new employees (existing users if necessary)

Logistics area:

  1. Placement of interim managers
  2. Introducing regular shop floor meetings
  3. Development of a training plan for ERP
  4. Optimization of communication and material flow between outsourcing and shipping
  5. Carrying out a risk analysis


  • Within 6 weeks, the escalation levels at the OEMs could be ended and normal supply could be switched over
  • Improved production planning through training measures
  • Stability in internal production and improvement of OEE
  • Optimization of requirements planning and the ordering process with sub-suppliers
  • Optimization of the planning process for internal and external customers
  • Reduction of special freight to a standard level in the industry

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