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Value Stream Excellence: Lead time optimization in the medical technology industry

A leading manufacturing company faced with the challenge of meeting increasing market demand while reducing lead times. With production expected to increase by 25% in 2024, it was essential for the company to prepare for the new market requirements and optimize its production processes.

KORN CONSULT GROUP achieved a 25% Lead time reduction, resulting in €1,000,000 savings and increased productivity in a medical technology industry leader’s value stream program.

Here’s a detailed overview of our team’s strategic steps for success:

  • Transparency through KPIs: Improved measurement methods and monitoring processes have boosted production efficiency
  • Lean Awareness: Workshops and training raised employee awareness of lean principles, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Identification of the top 10 “micro-stops”: Analyzing and minimizing production disruptions significantly reduced downtime and shortened throughput times.
  • Lean SMED Workshop: Optimizing setup times enhanced flexibility and productivity through efficient processes and standardization.
  • Kaizen workshop: Collaborative process improvements in production logistics further reduced throughput times, yielding significant cost savings.

Collaborating with KORN CONSULT GROUP helped the medical technology company surmount rising market demand, enhance competitiveness, and realize notable cost savings. This success in optimizing production processes highlights the value of a comprehensive and targeted approach to continuous improvement.

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