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Engineering Services

Initial Situation

A company group, which is a Tier 1 in the automotive sector, at the side of a well-known OEM as a partner, had to complete basic chapters of the component documentation, long after the SOP date. This led to a six-figure open tooling claim for those complex assemblies.

Our customer was not able to realize the necessary professional competence for the upcoming tasks in the area of advanced quality planning at short notice by means of classical personnel recruitment.

A complex product portfolio covering several models had been poorly documented and transmitted to the OEM in an unstructured form. A settlement of the outstanding debts in the tooling area was still open.

The communication between the Engineering, Tooling Department, Processing and Quality departments was not existing due to a high fluctuation.



Determine the actual situation

Identify current and outdated documents; initiate concept development:

  • No consistent, content-wise meaningful naming of the documents available.
    Syntax for OEM/own article number, drawing numbers, revision status etc. is missing.
  • Huge measurement value data clusters are processed in an uncoordinated, incomplete and faulty manner to make decisions when correcting the tools. Deadlines and required dimensional stability are not met.
  • Cpk evaluations contain formula and evaluation errors.

Chaotic documentation; leads to high coordination effort and postponement of deadlines.
This ultimately affects On Time Delivery (OTD) and the outstanding cash flow generation for  tools already in use.

Determine the target situation

A documentation concept must be created and established in the matrix organization. The project goal of cash flow generation of “over 1 million EUR” is to be proven step by step by successful uploads in the OEM portal. The success has to be communicated in order to implement the concept in all started and new projects in a timely manner:

  • Mutual understanding of customer requirements
    (Requirements from approved drawings/customer standards specify the contents of a compliant documentation).
  • Provide the development of documentation that can be validated
    (Adhere to syntax for article and drawing numbers, revision level and drawing-compliant naming)
  • Coordinate, promote understanding of the services to be provided and the required information in the teams
    (cluster measured value data; present decision makers only relevant information with an assessment)
  • Developing the project program by acting as a role model
    (Know the matrix organization chart and representatives, maintain contacts, accelerate processing procedures).

Approvable documentation; leads to reduced coordination effort and adherence to deadlines throughout the entire project. This also favors On Time Delivery (OTD) and timely cash flow generation for existing injection molds.


Added Value


A company that wants to cash in open claims should approach this in a coordinated and prioritized manner.
The experienced engineer and consultant of the KORN CONSULT GROUP has found access to the responsible persons in a tense environment and has shown a trend-setting way through his results in a sustainable way.

The successive generation of cash flow was – in a previously static situation – very helpful for the outcome of the bank talks and strategic future plans taking place at that time.

The structure and syntax of the concept is used at the new standard.

Significantly improved the processing of measurement data for tool correction instructions.

Transfer of working evaluation templates to the project teams for upcoming and future development projects.

On Time Delivery, now and in the future.