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At KORN CONSULT GROUP, we like to keep busy. In this section, you will find official press releases and noteworthy news.

July, 2020

Project Management Mandate in e-Mobility

We are commissioned with a project management mandate in the field of electromobility industrialization

June, 2020

Supplier Management – Electronics

Supplier management of an electronics manufacturer through an experienced Senior Project Manager.

June, 2020

Interim QM in Mechanical Engineering

A customer from mechanical engineering sector assigned the Interim QM role to the KORN CONSULT GROUP

June, 2020

Operational Excellence e-Mobility

KORN CONSULT GROUP received an Operational Excellence Project (OpEx) from an existing automotive customer who manufactures components for e-Mobility.

June, 2020

KORN CONSULT GROUP supports an e-Mobility project

The KORN CONSULT GROUP is commissioned by a cell manufacturer for batteries as part of an internal process improvement project.

June, 2020

Shop Floor Methodology

A customer commissioned us with the interim project management for plant optimization and downtime reduction

June, 2020

Interim Management with Focus on SQA

KORN CONSULT GROUP USA receives the assignment for the development, expansion and optimization of supplier development

May, 2020

Social Distancing – Production Facilities

KORN CONSULT GROUP with its experienced personnel is ready to guide You for the implementation of measures related to Social Distancing.

April, 2020

Presence in Key Regions

KORN CONSULT GROUP uses its global setup to be present for customers also in times of travel restrictions and country closings.

April, 2020

Remote Consultancy

KORN CONSULT GROUP can support your business remotely in various areas

March, 2020

Cell manufacturing in Asia

Cell manufacturing in Asia is experiencing sustained improvements through the KORN CONSULT GROUP.

March, 2020

Video: Implementation Consultancy

KORN CONSULT GROUP - as a global problem solver we deliver measurable results to reach Your business subjects.

March, 2020

Operational takeover of a bottleneck control

Monitor and control the global supply chain from Asia

February, 2020

Task Force support of an interior supplier

We were commissioned by an OEM to support an interior supplier because it stopped the assembly line.

February, 2020

Short-term improvement in delivery performance by 80%, medium term by 100 %

We were commissioned by an automobile manufacturer to analyze the actual situation of the delivery performance of a supplier.

February, 2020

Interim QM in Eastern Europe

Interim quality management in Eastern Europe with focus on organizational management

February, 2020

Operational Excellence Project – Europe

An operational Excellence Project has been successfully completed with an efficiency increase of 10%.

February, 2020

4-Phase Model for Business Improvement

We were commissioned by a customer from the chemical industry with the business process improvement and a cross-functional optimization.

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