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Engineering Services

Outsourcing of Engineering Services

Suppliers and Manufacturers of original equipment and components for the automotive industry are under increasing competitive pressure. Outsourcing of engineering services may be the answerMany customers use our engineering services to gain greater flexibility, increase productivity, and dynamically adapt to market conditions. KORN CONSULT GROUP acts as a reliable partner to help shorten implementation times, increase margins, and ensure high product quality.

​​How we Help

Success in engineering and project management is highly dependent on the ability to apply knowledge from different fields. Each project implemented by KORN CONSULT GROUP is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the customer. Flexibility is a core principle of our company philosophy, both in terms of our business partners and employees. Our goal is to meet the expectations and requirements of each client and adapt to individual requirements. KORN CONSULT GROUP offers several cooperation models:

  •  General engineering services as part of the project.
  •  A highly qualified Consultant delegated to manage the client’s project.
  •  An expert delegated to develop the client’s project management process and model.
  •  Training services tailored to specific customer needs.
  •  Other services provided according to the individual needs of our customers


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