Quality is not accidental, it is the result of effective business processes by KORN CONSULT GROUP®


We are globally networked problem solvers

Since the company formation in 2006, KORN CONSULT GROUP has expanded its services to Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and South America. In the last 12 years, approximately 300 experienced Consultants in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and South America completed over 3000 successful projects. The international orientation of the company is highly beneficial to the efficient processing of assignments.

The core strengths of KORN CONSULT GROUP are divided into three integral sectors.

“Management Consulting” specializes in the development of new organizational structures and strategies, as well as processes along the supply chain concerning the management of projects, planning, logistics, supplier relationships, and quality assurance.

“Interim Management” supplies temporary leadership for business administration and engineering tasks on an executive, plant or sectional level.

“Engineering Services” is built around project management for product development and focuses on relocation, product launch, and shop floor optimization to secure customer supply.

KORN CONSULT GROUP Consultants are highly trained experts in their respective fields. Regular training programs conducted by the “KCG-Academy” ensure cutting-edge technological knowledge. Project reviews and customer feedback reports – NPS – are crucial parts of the KORN CONSULT GROUP quality philosophy and help provide sustainable added value for customers.

The “KCG Database “Q-Wiki”” serves as a standardized workflow for consultants worldwide and enables an effective execution of projects while adhering to a high level of quality. Fast 24/48 response times on a global scale are the result. Customers include mid-sized companies as well as international corporations.



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Code of Ethics and Quality

The quality policy of KORN CONSULT GROUP mirrors in many points our attitude towards sustainability. Our purpose is to maintain this level also when acting in our social surroundings.


Our Mission

The mission of KORN CONSULT GROUP is that quality and success are not coincidence for our customers but the result of elaborated and structured business processes.

In doing so we set standards through the competence and commitment of our employees and we generate added value for our customers through our consulting projects.

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