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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

We are facing the greatest change in supply networks in recent decades. The globalisation of the world economy has led to a division of labour and complex networking of value chains. Supply is closely interlocked and synchronised. In this globalised world, supply chains and logistics processes are in constant change.

For years, supply chains have been increasingly disrupted by crises, trade conflicts, shortages of raw materials, parts or transport. Inflation, energy price increases, decarbonisation and geopolitical relocation will add to the pressure on supply chains.

This will further increase supply volatility and reduce the resilience of global supply chains. As a result, securing supply will become a decisive success factor in industry, trade and logistics. And necessarily, mastering and controlling supply chains (supply chain management) will become the new key competence for companies.

In order to keep up with current trends and developments, responsiveness, adaptability and agile supply chain management are necessary. In this context, transparency and digitalisation are becoming the drivers for the ability to provide information, delivery capability and reliability. However, while Industry 4.0 and digitalisation have become a living reality in all areas of our modern society, supply chains often still suffer from analogue challenges.

KORN CONSULT GROUP supports companies in successfully overcoming the challenges in supply chain management – reactively and preventively.

Reactive solutions

KORN CONSULT GROUP actively supports the securing and stabilisation of supply through monitoring, bottleneck control and claiming of critical components (trouble shooting).

KORN CONSULT GROUP supports the development and operation of a temporary task force organisation with the involvement of all necessary departments in the company.

KORN CONSULT GROUP strengthens the customer organisation with experienced know-how and “helping hands”.

KORN CONSULT GROUP analyses the SCM weak points and develops options for action to sustainably improve the robustness in supply

Preventive solutions

KORN CONSULT GROUP systematically thinks through the major strategic challenges in SCM together with its customers.

KORN CONSULT GROUP examines the critical supply chains for weaknesses and supply risks in SC (risk radar)

KORN CONSULT GROUP examines organisational measures to strengthen the company’s own resilience in supply (resilience check), e.g. with regard to

– Transparency and monitoring of suppliers and supply chains and increasing the ability to identify supply problems at an early stage (agility)

– Flexibility, i.e. the ability to react quickly to supply problems with preparatory reaction patterns, e.g. through risk management or cross-departmental task force organisation

– Reviewing sourcing strategies (single, double, local), relocation and regionalisation of procurement if necessary, with special attention to rising logistics costs and supply risks

– Strengthening cooperation with suppliers and partners through process integration, digitalisation and sustainable agreements on planning and flexibility (close collaboration)


Restart Assessment

KORN CONSULT GROUP may support the automotive supply chain supplier by performing an effective Restart Assesment.

Operational Excellence

We offer the right solutions for topics in your process landscape as well as the development and implementation of methods adapted to the right strategy and the goal-oriented approach.

Technology Excellence

The customer feedback received and many awards from the business world have confirmed that the KORN CONSULT GROUP ensures nationally and internationally that it provides its customers with state-of-the-art consulting services for their business applications.

Value Stream Mapping

The value stream perspective provides an overall picture that must be taken into account beyond a singular manufacturing process.


May 2024

Girl’s Day 2024 at the KORN CONSULT GROUP

At the KORN CONSULT GROUP, we recognize the importance of promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to show young women the wide range of exciting career opportunities available in the field of the consulting industry.

May 2024

KORN CONSULT GROUP appoints BPG as its representative for Asia

KORN CONSULT GROUP is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with BUSINESS PERFORMANCE GROUP (BPG)!

May 2024

TaskForce – Implementation of SAP

Supplier had significant backlogs with the OEMs. These residues continued to build up. The main reasons for this were found in the internal organization and in the intercompany business.

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