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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical and Plant Engineering Sector

Mechanical engineering remains an exciting and rapidly evolving field. The sector is likely to undergo massive change in the near future. Industry 4.0, digitization, the Internet of Things, and the impact of disruptive technologies like 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving will bring new challenges and opportunities. Mechanical engineering companies that can adapt and lead will be able to profit from a healthy business climate. KORN CONSULT GROUP provides support for managing change and preparing customers for the future of the sector.

Trends and Disruptions

Now more than ever, mechanical engineering is an interdisciplinary field. Trends and innovation from neighboring disciplines massive effect on the industry. To create a productive and sustainable future, mechanical engineers will need to collaborate with innovators worldwide and be at the forefront of disruption. Companies that want to ensure their competitiveness need to embrace change and actively shape their future.



Restart Assessment

KORN CONSULT GROUP may support the automotive supply chain supplier by performing an effective Restart Assesment.

Operational Excellence

We offer the right solutions for topics in your process landscape as well as the development and implementation of methods adapted to the right strategy and the goal-oriented approach.

Technology Excellence

The customer feedback received and many awards from the business world have confirmed that the KORN CONSULT GROUP ensures nationally and internationally that it provides its customers with state-of-the-art consulting services for their business applications.

Value Stream Mapping

The value stream perspective provides an overall picture that must be taken into account beyond a singular manufacturing process.

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