Quality is not accidental, it is the result of effective business processes by KORN CONSULT GROUP®


Initial Situation

A well-known Tier 1 supplier of a highly complex e-mobility product had problems meeting the delivery dates agreed with the OEM as well as the quality requirements in the development phase.

The project had grown rapidly in terms of personnel-required resources within a very short period of time. This again led to high wear and tear of the employees employed and thus to a high fluctuation. The result was the loss of experts.

In addition, the given development period for the agreed scope was extremely challenging.

The increasingly active control of the project processes by the customer, as well as a heterogeneously grown reporting structure, ultimately led to the complete escalation in the project!

The result of this escalation was only “red” reported project lights in all areas.

  • Transparency on the real project status was no longer available
  • Reporting was only prepared for mutual information satisfaction and had little relation to the actual project management
  • Recognizable project management was only small or non-existent
  • Predetermined processes were partly deliberately bypassed or not lived as described, as the project team was only “driven” by the customer’s intension


The OEM  commissioned the KORN CONSULT GROUP at Tier 1 Supplier to resolve or optimize the obvious shortcomings together with the project team.



Due to unlived processes, the employees had established auxiliary processes and tried to communicate them through various meetings. As a result, however, there was a lack of consolidated project information.

In particular, due to the non-compliance with the procedurally prescribed reporting lines, there were no status reports with consistency.

As a first step, the consultants of the KORN CONSULT GROUP collected and prepared all project information by consolidating existing project documentation and conducting interviews with key people. Through the newly created transparency, they were able to identify vulnerabilities and initiate appropriate improvement measures or implement “quick-wins” directly.

The improvement measures focused on processes that were systematically bypassed and not applied or could not be implemented due to ignorance. Further focal points were to stabilize the existing project planning processes and to revive the unlived interface communication.

Further bottleneck analyses and linking to previously isolated project information have enabled existing but still hidden risks and potential for improvement to be uncovered and processed.

The combination of KORN CONSULT GROUP expertise, the possibility as an independent party in the project to carry out analyses, as well as to tackle “hands on” in the event of bottlenecks and thus relieve the overburdened project team, were Key factors for successful use at Tier 1 suppliers and positive feedback from OEM customers.

Added Value


It often takes a step back in order to be able to look at the problem in its entirety and then to bring the project back on the road to success with the necessary structure and implementation strength. The KORN CONSULT GROUP has already gained extensive experience in the e-mobility sector through various projects and knows the most diverse process and organizational processes.

In addition, their consultants bring with them the necessary foresight to optimize complex and dynamically changing organizations within their structures, and, where necessary, to lead them out of established structures and processes, but above all to lead organizations from conventional product groups into the market environment of e-mobility.

The KORN CONSULT GROUP usually operates in project constructs with OEM and tier-n suppliers on the basis of a triangular relationship with alternating customers and thus causes positive changes as an independent third, which can also be found in various follow-up projects. reflected.