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At KORN CONSULT GROUP, we like to keep busy. In this section, you will find official press releases and noteworthy news.

September 2020

Operational Excellence – Chemical Industry

Achieved with maximum success using the KORN CONSULT GROUP analysis methodology

September 2020

360° Analysis Methodology

This analysis was again successfully applied in the automotive supply industry

September 2020

Interim Manager Mandate – Hungary

We received an Interim Manager mandate in Hungary with the task of ensuring the security of supply and production output.

September 2020

Interim Plant Management in Europe

After just 3 weeks, improvements were achieved through the use of sustainable leadership methodology

September 2020

Successful Project Management

The problem areas that have arisen have been actively kept in the direction of the target and solved by us

September 2020

Prevention – Holistic Digital Supplier Excellence ®

Let us also make prevention a reality for you with our data mining-based application

September 2020

Interim Project Management in Electromobility

The competence of the project team is made up of members of our various Competence Center and forms the basis for the mandate and its success

August 2020

Weakness Analysis at a Supplier

Our Senior Consultant with knowledge and experience in this product family carried out 4 phase model analysis

August 2020

Delivery and Quality Analyze at a Sub-supplier

We were commissioned by a Tier 1 supplier to analyze and stabilize the actual situation of the delivery and quality performance at a sub-supplier

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