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At KORN CONSULT GROUP, we like to keep busy. In this section, you will find official press releases and noteworthy news.

July 2021


The KORN CONSULT GROUP is proud and happy to have won the TOP CONSULTANT Award again, for the 9th time, also in 2021.

July 2021

Supply Reliability through KCG in Japan

Supply chain remain challenging and require competent support

July 2021

Interim Logistics Manager Mandate in Romania

Inbound and outbound optimisation to improve the performance

June 2021

Organizational Development by KORN CONSULT GROUP

Successful strategy project using the 4 phase model and "Load & Capacity" planning

July 2021

Supplier Management and Supply Reliability through KCG in Eastern Europe

Supply chains require competent support through professional supply chain management with experience

June 2021

Improvement of KPI in the Production

Production improvement by using shopfloor management and Six Sigma methods

June 2021

Supply Reliability through KCG in Asia and Asean

Supply chains are and will remain challenging and have received support from us

June 2021

Global Interim Management

Industry-independent competence worldwide for supplier project management, operations, chain management, quality, supplier management

May 2021

Supplier Readiness Program

Supplier Readiness Program in China

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