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Task Force – Introduction of SAP

A Korn Consult Group customer decided to introduce SAP at their site in order to integrate it into the standard system environment. Analyses have shown that orders from more than 40 distribution centers converge there, and more than 300 workshops in Germany alone are supplied directly.  Furthermore, orders for custom-made products and special parts from the USA and China also had to be fulfilled from site.

The following objectives were to be met:

  1. Standardization of business processes
  2. Greater transparency regarding the order and inventory situation across all distribution levels
  3. Optimization of the distribution network

The initial situation confronted by the company was characterized by significant order backlogs, posing challenges to efficient operations and timely delivery. During the changeover from the old to the new SAP-based system ATLAS (Advanced parTs Logistic in After Sales), there were persistent problems in the supply processes.

A task force was set up to solve the problems that arose. This consisted of internal and external members with different areas of expertise.

The KORN CONSULT GROUP expertise was required to coordinate and solve the distribution logistics. The main problem was that bookings into the central warehouse were not possible, which in turn meant that no delivery was possible.


  • Developing and implementing emergency measures
  • For posting parts in the event of ERP failure
  • Process for manually creating waybills and delivery notes
  • Summarizing and prioritizing customer backlogs
  • Prioritization of particularly affected parts


Three months after the formation of the task force, the processes were successfully normalized.

The outcome was a standardization of procedures achieved within 3 months following the establishment of the task force.

This project showcases that the KORN CONSULT GROUP’s team has the ability to adapt to challenges, leverage opportunities, and deliver tangible value to our clients and stakeholders.