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Optimizing Field Failure Analysis (FFA)– Customer De-escalation and Audit Preparation

A renowned OEM client in the automotive industry expressed dissatisfaction with the analysis of field-failed parts by their supplier. This dissatisfaction resulted in increased financial risk, prompting the OEM to challenge the results. The situation escalated to the management level, where the OEM commissioned KORN CONSULT GROUP to conduct an audit according to VDA standards and OEM-specific requirements.

Our objectives were clearly defined:

  • Achieve customer de-escalation within two months.
  • Ensure the customer’s acceptance of the analysis results and issue descriptions.
  • Implement a lean, robust, and efficient analysis process compliant with VDA standards and OEM requirements.

With considerable dedication and expertise from our team, the audit result rose from 44% to an impressive 91%. This underscores our commitment to excellence and the effectiveness of our measures. Through proactive measures, we decreased warranty costs by €20,000 monthly and received recognition for our reliability and professionalism.

By diligently monitoring Field Failure Analysis (FFA) using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we adopted a proactive approach, responding swiftly, accurately, and efficiently to customer inquiries and issues. Data analytics aided us in identifying trends in warranty data early and conducting No-Trouble-Found (NTF) investigations efficiently, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and our brand reputation.

Our dedication to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction has led to transformative outcomes, affirming our position as a trustworthy partner in the automotive industry.

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