Quality is not accidental, it is the result of effective business processes by KORN CONSULT GROUP®

Improve operational processes

KORN CONSULT GROUP was delegated 6 months ago by a medium-sized Tier 1 supplier enterprise to improve its operational processes. The initial condition in this respect was an assessment with a “yellow” rating – of a VDA 6.3 P1 analysis of a Premium OEM entity. The Senior expert seconded by KORN CONSULT GROUP has provided eight days of consultancy in the field of analysis and fifteen days in the field of implementation. The results of the consultancy indicated that changes are needed in the field of project management and quality management organization as well as in the extensive operational procedures in the field of production and procurement. Consultancy inputs have been successfully implemented by the executive management and the 1st level management of our customer. When submitting a new analysis of the potential of the OEM, the Tier 1 supplier also managed to successfully promote a “recommendation”. Due to the exceptional performance in field of change management during the 6-month the project phase, the OEM entity has expressed its recommendation in favour of this supplier as a future preferred supplier.