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Industry 4.0 in Supply Chain Management – How the KORN CONSULT GROUP Can Support Your Company On Your Way To Logistics 4.0

Industry 4.0 and Digitization are revolutionizing industries. Right now the focus more or less has been on manufacturing. But it also rapidly became important for Logistics and Supply Chain Management in order to stay competitive. Digitalization, transparency, automation and modern Partner Management became core to secure deliveries and to improve resilience and efficiency. So logistics is no longer purely seen as a cost factor; Logistics 4.0 became a success factor.

At KORN CONSULT GROUP, we understand the relevance of Industry 4.0 in Supply Chains. Our team of experts is helping companies across various industries to implement new technologies and practices to achieve significant results. We know how Logistics 4.0 can enhance Supply Transparency, optimize Inventory Management, reduce lead times and secure supply chains. And most of all how it helps to keep your customers happy with robust and reliable deliveries – inbound as well as outbound.

As logistics always has been data driven one of the essential benefits of Logistics 4.0 now is the capability to collect and analyze data in real-time. These data help to monitor and control critical Supply Chains as well as to identify areas of improvement end-to-end across company borders. Based on this transparency companies can take data-driven flexible decisions, and improve communication and collaboration with suppliers and customers. Hence Mr. W.E. Deming’s famous phrase becomes true-blue reality in modern logistics: “Without data you’re just another person with an opinion”

In conclusion, Logistics 4.0 is not just a trend; it is the future of all Supply Chain based industries. But as every company is different, each solution needs to be worked out company specific.

At KORN CONSULT GROUP, we are more than committed to helping our clients to enhance their logistics and supply chain performance and to drive business growth. Our team of experts know the best practices and can help you to identify your best strategies, processes, and technologies to improve resilience, reliability, efficiency and transparency in your Supply Chains. So don’t hesitate, ask us.