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Production Planning Tool at KORN CONSULT GROUP

KORN CONSULT GROUP has designed its own Excel-Based Production Planning Tool, which offers a wide range of possible uses to make the planning process more efficient and transparent. With this tool, production data such as orders, resources and delivery dates can be recorded and managed centrally. This makes it easier to maintain an overview of production progress and identify bottlenecks at an early stage. Simulations offer a good opportunity to make the effects of surpluses or backlogs visible at an early stage.

Advantages of the Korn Consult Group’s Excel-Based Production Planning Tool:

  • Flexibility: it can be adapted to a company’s individual requirements and processes.
  • Reduces time and errors: by using formulas and functions, complex calculations can be automated.
  • Creates schedules and assigns tasks to individual employees or departments.
  • Optimization and productivity increase
  • Visualization of key figures to identify trends, patterns and make informed decisions.

Overall, it offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for smaller companies or in the event of problems with the ERP or SAP system. It enables efficient planning, monitoring and control of production at short notice and thus contributes to the optimization of operational processes.

If you’re interested in implementing the KORN CONSULT GROUP’s Excel-Based Production Planning Tool and have questions or would like to explore further, we are here to assist you every step of the way. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you streamline your production processes for greater efficiency and success.