Quality is not accidental, it is the result of effective business processes by KORN CONSULT GROUP®

The Competence Center Quality of the KORN CONSULT GROUP

The Competence Center Quality of the KORN CONSULT GROUP is supporting companies to achieve the highest quality standards in various industries, for example in the Automotive Sector, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Goods, Electronics, Software, Medical Care as well as Logistics and Distributions. With our wide range of services and tools we can support in different areas.

Our core activities include Certification Support, Process Optimization, Problem Solving, Preventive Support, Coaching / Moderating and Cost of Poor-Quality Reduction. With our extensive experience, knowledge as well as ISO standards which we are practicing, we can provide companies with these tools to improve their processes and procedures and increase efficiency.

Our product range includes various tools and approaches to assist companies in achieving the highest quality standards. The Automotive Core Tools offer various tools for advance quality planning, defect analysis and correction, and statistical process control. The QRQC approach enables companies to respond quickly to problems, while the Quality Excellence Program is a tool to support the establishment and continuous development of management systems.

Furthermore, we serve a product range within our Competence Center Quality, which also includes the 360-Degree Analysis, as well as VDA and AIAG- Standards.

In 2023, our product portfolio will also cover Automotive Spice in the course of digitalization, software and ESG topics. We are eager to support companies in implementing for example sustainability initiatives in this sense.

In summary, the Competence Center Quality is an essential component of the KORN CONSULT GROUP, providing cross-industry support and ensuring that services exceed industry quality standards, comply with regulatory requirements, and increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs. We at KORN CONSULT GROUP are happy to support you in achieving the highest quality standards according to our principle:

“Quality is not accidental; it is the result of effective business processes.”