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Industry 4.0

The implementation of Industry 4.0 will be carried out during a multi-year transition process that will affect almost every part of the modern economy. Driven by digitization, a high quantity of data is becoming accessible to companies. These large data sets can be used to gain insights into the interaction of organizational structures and processes. High visibility of success-critical information is crucial to operational success and leads to increased transparency. Critical data can be utilized to create predictive models, improve processes, monitor efficiency, and automate.

During the gradual conversion from established paradigms to an information-driven economy, old and new structures exist in parallel, which increases managerial complexity.
The challenges of the process of digitized production include the daily interaction of employees with organizational changes. Proactive, reactive, and retrospective change management activities are often not fully integrated into operating procedures. Through change management projects, employees can receive support during the adaption interval to create a smooth transition and stable workflows.

How we Help

For years KORN CONSULT GROUP has been active in the implementation of change management processes. Our project experience in structuring activities, creating transparency, and controlling the progress is based on the practical experience of our Consultants in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and South America. KORN CONSULT GROUP offers strategic consulting and implementation of efficient change processes.

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