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The KORN CONSULT GROUP Logistics Task Force Team restructured the way of working and stabilised the deliveries on Tier1 and Tier2 level

Prior to the KORN CONSULT GROUP project, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) was facing an imminent shutdown due to a global semiconductor and various passive component shortages. The frequently changing needs of the OEM, problems in transportation, production planning and communication with the customer led to a permanent crisis.

ANALYSIS (risk assessment):

The main challenges were to perform a risk assessment by analysing the supply chain from Tier 1 to EMS to n-tier, reviewing processes, interfaces, organisational resources and SAP usage, and using run-out spreadsheets to identify potential bottlenecks.

IMPLEMENTATION (empowerment):

The implementation phase by KORN CONSULT GROUP consultants focused on stabilising the supply chain by deploying interim resources, establishing robust shortage management strategies, finding alternative sources, conducting run-out simulations to anticipate and address potential disruptions, and creating a comprehensive risk radar covering over 100% of the parts range.

✅ KORN CONSULT GROUP’s solutions ensured supply chain stability, guaranteeing an uninterrupted flow of components from electronics suppliers through n-TIER to Tier 1 and ultimately to the OEM.

✅ The project also included the identification and resolution of organisational issues and a holistic approach to process improvement and organisational development.

Using KCG’s 4-phase model, building into the client’s organisation, rapid problem solving, the task force activities led to short-term stabilisation.

To ensure sustainability, KCG provided leadership coaching, teaching new methods and solutions.

KORN CONSULT GROUP’s diverse skills make it a valuable partner for global projects. It offers insights, strategies and practical support in various sectors that are essential for project success on an international level.