Quality is not accidental, it is the result of effective business processes by KORN CONSULT GROUP®

Turn-Around Medium-Sized Businesses

The KORN CONSULT GROUP stands significantly for the aspects of the Operations – as well as the Technological Excellence within their projects.

One of our long-term customers in the field of plant engineering and the electrical industry has decided to implement a sustainable turnaround. The reason for this was a lack of accompanying organizational growth over the past 10 years without continuity. The project includes a 360-degree analysis of the entire company using the KCG 4-phase model. All company contents are put under observation: organization, leadership, processes and employees.

The goal of the project was to equip the successfully grown company with solid organizational processes and clear leadership roles. At the same time, the human being is kept in the center of attention at all times and the company is sustainably aligned in this respect.